Human Resource Management

ADMC International starts training for students in recent years
school. The main focus of the training is the preparation of students for
the labor market by using the practice as a key training point.

This training is open to anyone who wants to be prepared for
Labor market. The main target group are students and graduates who
want to develop professionally.

The duration of the training should be one month from the start date. for
get the certificate at the end of the training you need to attend
all dates to be developed.

Half of the training information focuses on practice and
gaining the skills to become a successful employee. Part
other information includes important topics to understand more
good success in the world of work. Trainees will be offered a time
considerably for practicing all the skills it has acquired

To do the registration you must be present at the ADMC office up to
on 15.09.2018. The office is open from Monday to Saturday, from
from 08:00 until 17:00.

For further information, please contact the numbers
phone 00355 68 2073307/04 56 051 94. You can also send
email to the email address