How we work

We focus on an outstanding service both clients and candidates for both local and international market.

We identify the right mix of talent, skills, attitude and personality to fit to our client’s requirement. We hired a group of Human Resource specialist seraching for client’s demand and provide them staff tailored for their business.

Recruitment Process

As soon as we receive a formal Job Order we search candidates from within our manpower pool, by advertising and from our network

Applicants will be pre-screened and shortlisted for initial interview by our recruitment staff.  We employ technical consultants who typically have work experience from the relevant sector and market.

The screening process includes a verification of all documentation to ensure that candidates are credible and authorized to deploy.

We will normally short list 5 candidates per role for final interview.

Final interviews are conducted by our client preferably at our main office in Tirana, Albania.

Once selected we process candidates through the necessary regulatory checks: Identity background check, Reference check, medical checks, embassy clearance and travel documentation.

We allocate a client relationship manager as a point of contact for the connection with clients and employees throughout the appointment. Client relationship managers are available 24/7.