Why staff training Needed? Save time, increase productivity and earnings! Human Resources Development focuses on employee training for their current jobs and developing skills for their roles and responsibilities in the future.


The service market nowadays has taken the lead in the Albanian and International market. The demand for this market has increased considerably, as the number of services offered to grow. Part of the service sector is our company as well. We provide our clients with Staff Selection Service.

Founded in 2014, ADMC International Shpk is a specialist manpower company. We provide high quality European permanent and temporary staff for short and  longterm contracts. We are a division of ADMC International, a construction company which has been at the forefront of innovation in construction industry with a long lasting expertise which includes major works in Europe, USA, GCC (Qatar and UAE) and New Zeland. 

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Fields of Services

Engineering & Technical
Senior and Executive Management
Trades and Labor
Finance and Office Support
Information Technology